App Updates for 29 November: Tenancy Reports

Posted 29/11/2012 10:00am by Mark

Need a full report on any tenancy, from anywhere & any device, conveniently packaged up in a PDF?

PocketRent now has a stunningly simple and beautiful method of creating full tenancy reports including:

  • Rent due periods & Payments (an easy to read rent statement),
  • Messages sent & received,
  • Events & Inspections,
  • Tenancy Agreeements,
  • Bond Forms,
  • Tenant Details,
  • and any other documents added to your PocketRent tenancy.


It's now available on any archived or current tenancy under the "Tenancies & Occupants" tab of your property.

Tenancy Report Overview 

If it's more than one page we'll even include a Table of Contents to quickly find what you're looking for.