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PocketRent can alert you and your tenants if rent has been missed.

Our automatic rent reconciliation feature saves time, money and mistakes. Each day, PocketRent securely downloads a copy of your bank statements for each of your rental properties from Xero. These statements are matched automatically to your tenancies based on easy to set up rules, giving you peace of mind that your rent is being paid.

If rent's overdue, we'll send you reminders and highlight it conveniently on PocketRent's superior dashboard overview.


We'll keep on top of things and let you know when things require your attention

PocketRent assembles reports and delivers automated alerts that allow you to focus on the real issues at hand while staying aware of any issues that may pop up while managing your properties.

Our automated reports offer fantastic business information, allowing you to experience a great visibility of your holdings or complete tenancy history reports.

You can choose to receive automated email alerts that update you either weekly or daily. Automated alerts may include, for example, rental payment alerts, keeping you updated anywhere in the world.


Xero and PocketRent work perfectly together for accurate accounts and property status

PocketRent integrates tightly with Xero to form an even more powerful property management tool that saves you time, money and mistakes.

Our automatic invoicing, automatic reconciliation and comprehensive reporting systems will make managing your rental portfolio a dream and most importantly ease your end of financial year workload.


Manage and interact with your maintenance issues, add expenses and share with your tenants.

Maintenance issues are now easier to resolve with PocketRent, with open book communication everyone is kept in the loop.

PocketRent logs maintenance issues, whether they are general wear and tear issues, unforeseen damages or anything at all. Both you and your tenants can see these issues (if you choose to share them) as well as the progress and when they might expect them to be fixed. You are able set reminders for both yourself and your tenants along the way, so there are no unexpected surprises.


Store them online, set up dates with tenants, complete them on the iPhone

ResizedImage100205 iPhone App InspectionsPocketRent offers fantastic tools to manage your inspections. Our comprehensive inspection scheduler and wider inspection functionality allows you to upload and store photos, document contacts and file notes ready to retrieve, should you need them, at the click of a button.

The PocketRent companion iPhone app is also available for easy inspections, all done online and without needless paperwork. You will need a PocketRent account & password in order to use it (if you don't have one, sign up now for free). Click here to download the app (opens in iTunes).


Easily add and manage multiple units in the same building, store body corporate information

PocketRent has the ability to manage buildings and multiple unit complexes easily. Separate tenants, reconciliations, invoicing, maintenance, inspection scheduling and a host of other handy tools to stay on top of your building or apartment complex management. Pretty much any size or scale you have, PocketRent can manage it.

Global Satisfaction…

I want to compliment you for bringing us such a good looking piece of software. I just started using PocketRent but already love the look and feel – very easy to use.

Porsche Cheung, PTSC Bookkeeping QLD Australia

PocketRent is an awesome service, easy to use and simple to navigate. It takes the hassle out of managing properties, payments and paperwork — a superb idea that's made our lives easier!

Libby Carson, Wellington New Zealand

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